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First Anti Publisher

The Pinnacle of Content Experiences

agency99 provides an elite affordable content experience for simplifying teaching and learning. We hand-selected only the best aspects of an ebook and an online course and combined them to create our curriculum solution, the ultimate experience for flipped classrooms.

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Zero Learning Curve

Zero Learning Curve = Simplicity

Why spend hours of hours training and supporting a new publisher system when you can have agency99 curriculum running in your LMS? 

Check out the demo video to see why simplicity rules!

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New 24×7

24 x 7 Live Content

Remember when the food pyramid changed and all of your book content was wrong until the publishers released a new edition (a year or two later)? agency99 has 24×7 live content that never becomes out-of-date. Never wait again for fresh content!

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Sports & Fitness Examples

Bigger, faster, stronger. We can give you the tools to conquer your students’ next fitness endeavor.


Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular Exercise

We can provide pace to the marathon of learning to help increase your cardiovascular fitness.

Run With Us



Fore! The TRAINER EXPERIENCE can show you how to hit ’em long and straight.

Tee Off



Health & Wellness Examples

How do you help turn sports and fitness into a lifestyle? Provide your students with the tools to make it stick.


Personal Safety

You probably don’t want to stick that spoon into the wall socket. We have lots of other useful info to keep you safe.

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Nutrition for Health & Wellness

Believe us – apples ARE better than candy. We can guide you in making healthy decisions for your next meal.

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Inspire Your Students To Be Elite.

We’ll help your pursuit with our unique approach.

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