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About Us

Why are you up to the challenge?

Who Is agency99?

Who is agency99?



agency99 was borne out of the desire to create an elite digital content experience. As the premier digital content and delivery agency, we are able to create an experience that is without peer. To us, being elite isn’t about being the biggest player on the block. Being elite means offering the absolute best user experience for students and faculty alike.

Just like you, we believe that simplicity fuels success for all aspects of life. It permeates your daily life in a way nothing else can by enhancing balance. We believe balance in Higher-Education is making content affordable, approachable, and easy to use. You don’t need all of the trendy add-ons like Big Data, analytics, and adaptive to help your student succeed. That’s why we believe in “Simpler, Faster, Stronger”. We want to help you inspire your students to learn and challenge them to BE AMAZING.

What does agency99 mean?


What does it mean?



When we first decided to build agency99, we wanted to create a perfect chemistry between simplicity and learning. In order to create this chemistry, hyper-focus was needed to select the perfect core elements to create a powerful, yet approachable and affordable experience. At the heart of agency99 is the 99th element on the periodic table: Einsteinium. Funny enough, Einsteinium was first discovered as fallout from a nuclear blast in 1952. Given the disruption in the Higher-Education space, we thought this was a fitting analogy. By combining our experience for creating unique content solutions and the uniqueness of the 99th element, agency99 fully represents our desire to redefine digital education.