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The Curriculum

Don’t settle for less than extraordinary.

What is it

What is it?



We know your needs have changed. Most traditional “book-based” and “online course” offerings have an overabundance of unnecessary content, muddying the learning experience and driving up the price. Because of this, we have developed our curriculum to make content approachable to students.

The curriculum solution is a hybrid of the best components of an online course combined with the best components of an ebook. It can become the backbone of your course, especially in a flipped-classroom scenario. Creating a delightful experience is about creating an intuitive and pleasing interaction. agency99 accomplishes all of these things within the context of your LMS and on any mobile device.

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The Features

The Relentless Pursuit of Simple.

Features Description

Why is it elite?


Our content experience is the core of learning. Its simplicity provides you everything you need to be successful, and nothing you don’t. Like any core substance, agency99 keeps it simple and flexible to allow you to create a content experience all your own:


Course Features

  • ZERO learning curve
  • High-Definition technique and application videos
  • Embedded interactivities
  • Branded experience
  • Complete integration with your LMS
  • Simple to print content
  • Turn-key assessment content

Program Features

  • Simple to understand
  • Focuses on core requirements
  • Flexible design
  • Creates consistency across the curriculum
  • Multiple student purchasing models
  • Usable in any environment
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Why Did We Build It

Why build it?



The team at agency99 has over 100+ combined years of experience in product creation and sales/marketing, mostly from within the publishing industry. Through this experience, we have been able to identify what defines elite products and solutions, and why simplicity is the ultimate key for educational success.

We built the a99 curriculum for three simple reasons:

1.  We wanted to build a better content experience for students instead of the tired old books or courses. Today’s students are tech savvy and want cutting edge visuals and videos in order to learn.

2.  With large programs using teaching assistants and adjuncts who are constantly on rotation, we wanted to create a turn-key curriculum which provides consistency and quality across the program.

3.  The fluid design of content experience allows for quick content customization tailored to any program. Users, both students and faculty, don’t want a steep learning curve to learn a new platform – they are here to learn. The simplicity of the design creates the proper amount of focus.

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Can I Customize it?

Yes! Since a requirement for being elite is adapting to change, our proprietary platform can weave faculty-created content seamlessly within the context of our agency99 content to create a tailored experience. It’s a beautiful thing when faculty requested changes to the content can be made quickly and without disruption to the learning experience. We can incorporate custom branding, content, images, videos, interactivities – you name it! This creates a cohesive experience that looks like it was designed with purpose from day one. Brilliant solutions are what allow agency99 to be THE elite digital agency for content creation and delivery in Higher-Education.